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Morada Atlántica is located in the town of Vilar de Peres, in Rebordelos,  in the protected natural area of the marshes and dunes of Baldaio. Nestled between Lema and Caión, where they say the Costa da Morte begins.

On its coastline there are two clearly differentiated areas. On the one hand, the reedbed of the natural area that surrounds the Baldaio lagoon. On the other, a succession of small beaches and coves that appear at low tide, between the rocks and cliffs. We especially recommend that you discover this stretch of coast located between A Pedra do Sal and Caión by walking along it, by bike or on horseback, enjoying these almost virgin places. In them you can see the beaches of A Lapeira, Arnela, Leira, Porto Loureiro and Pedra Furada.

Natural area of Razo-Baldaio

In this rich natural area, the land and the sea, the water of the ocean and rivers, come together in a sweet and salty embrace.
Baldaio is one of the most valuable natural spaces in Galicia. Wetland of outstanding importance, it is Red Natura and is considered a Special Protection Area for Birds. Its landscape, combination of open sea, lagoons and marshes, is additionally a true gift for the eyes, a place for tranquility and relaxation. A long time ago, an arm of sand closed off what until then was an inlet and gave place to a fertile natural area where the sea meets the water of the surrounding rivers. A stretch of more than three kilometers of dunes (some of them up to 20 meters) connects Baldaio with Razo beach, being one of the largest sandy areas in Galicia. Fuente: TurismoCarballo.com

Our location will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of Baldaio as well as of the mythical “Costa da Morte” and of the main nearby emblematic cities:

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