Our story

It all began when Manolo and his wife Carmen, my maternal grandparents, back in the 50s, built their first business together in a small nearby town. It was a small restaurant with a grocer’s shop that they later expanded to offer accommodation services.

My grandfather Manolo was a precursor of tourism in the area, he acquired several farms and built cottages for vacation accommodations around the nearby Barrañán beach. He also built the first beach bar (“chiringuito”) on that beach.

Years later, they bought and restored an old fishermen’s house turning it into a small building in the fishing village of Caión, adding 3 more vacation rental homes. This is when I became involved and they transmitted to me, as a little girl, their good work in the accommodation business.

In 1990 they bought fist one, then antother, century old houses in Baldaio.

In 2008 I inherited the building in Caión and after some reformations I began my journey with RIBAdoMAR Caión, tourist apartments with unbeatable views of the sea.

In the year 2021, thanks to my mother Isabel, and with my husband Javier, we started to rehabilitate the houses of Baldaio to give shape to this new accommodations project.

And after an intensive year and a half of complete renovations, in 2022, we opened the doors with the same courage, desire and entrepreneurial spirit of my grandparents, always aiming for a close and familiar treatment, working and dreaming, seeking to offer the best, just like grandmother Carmen did.

Morada Atlántica

Morada Atlántica is born, Welcome!